Thursday, May 13, 2010

22 months...

and on our way to 2!  This past month was a bit unusual for us - Nate had pink-eye, then a double ear infection.  Right after getting well we headed up to PA for great-grandpa D's funeral.  We did have a few road trips too -  strawberry picking in Marble Falls, lunch with tia Lorena in Brenham, Monica neni getting her ring in Aggieland and visiting friends and a wedding in Dallas.

Speaking wise, his biggest change is putting 2 words together - daddy shoes, nana car, etc.  He's also doing great at seeing Nana and Papa's cars on the road (although most SUV's look like a Tahoe to him).  But he has figured out the difference between neni's silver civic and other silver cars!  He's also totally in love with seeing trucks, motorcycles and buses.  Each time he sees one it is like he's never seen one before!

Chores:  helping unload dishwasher, set table, bring in groceries, unload and load washer and dryers, and feeding Charlie.

Not as many new words this month - door, gumpa (grandpa), truck, ba-berry (strawberry), up, yeah.  He did though start to speak pig Klingon, as Ry calls it - ending each word with "K" - mommy-k, nana-k, daddy-k.  I think it was because he favorite word is truck!

And a few photos...


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Aunt Geri said...

Cute pictures Lexy! I especially love the one where he is checking out Monica's Aggie ring.