Monday, August 24, 2009

the graduate

Well, 4 years ago we moved Tessa into the dorm...

And now she's a member of a great group of people - the Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University! She graduated in a great (and short) ceremony last week (1 day shy of my 11 year graduation anniversary). Our brother Ted came to town from New Mexico, to experience the nice heat in Aggieland and Austin (and get some good Chuy's too!).

We have been blessed to have her live with us for the summer as she interned at St. Edward's University. She's enjoyed living with us soo much, that she has decided to stay on for a year as she works with AmeriCorps VISTA here in Austin (at that other university in town). She leaves for training this week, so we'll learn more soon on exactly what she will be doing.

Tessa, we are so very proud of you! Nate is blessed to have you as a godmother and I'm happy to have some long overdue sister time (the last time we lived together she was 7 and I was 17). Any suggestions for our monthly sister night outs?

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Kristy said...

Congrats to Tessa and Alexis, you look especially gorgeous!