Thursday, November 06, 2008

4 month update...

Well, Nate had his 4 month check-up this week! He is growing in length but hasn't put on much weight. We visited with the lactation consultant and now I am on some herbs, pumping, increasing my protein and liquids, and on a 2 to 2 1/2 hour feeding schedule (and sometimes more often). Hopefully this will help him put on a few pounds. Please say a few extra prayers that we can get this under control.

The pediatrician wasn't very worried - developmentally he is exactly where he should be, and he is growing. We'll see what pans out in the coming weeks.


Kimberly said...

Don't worry about Nate's weight. Seriously, every pediatrician I think is a little too concerned with a baby's weight. And then later on...they get all concerned again if the poor kid weights too much. If he is reaching all his developmental milestones, then he is fine.
My kids only gained a pound a month. My pediatrician didn't even blink-- and she's an Aggie, BTW.
Don't worry, he looks great! I see his pics, and he is such a cutie pie!

Amber said...

I agree. I'd be more concerned about throwing his schedule off or giving him too many meals and "snacks." You'll keep up with him even without pumping, though pumping every now and again does help with supply if you feel like there's an issue. He's a sweet healthy boy and you're doing a great job being his mommy!!!

As for your other post - I'm a vegetarian so no recipes for you ;)