Wednesday, November 12, 2008

17, 18 and 19 weeks...

Okay, I thought I would not do the weekly thing, but I can't stop! Just took me a bit to get this done!! Can't keep up with the day-to-day record, though.

Hmmm... these past few weeks... Had fun with the weather now getting cool. Nate looks super-cute in long sleeves!

Went to our first Halloween party (of 3) with the mom's group at church. It was fun being around all the kids. We also went on a walk with the Gretencord's (and had our first romp down the slide), and then found the Higgins' family, and Thuy invited us for lunch. I think that was the best tortilla soup in awhile. I've decided to try a new soup recipe each week - what are your favorites?

Nate's been having a little trouble sleeping. I think it is just because it gets colder at night. I just bring him close and he goes back to sleep. How do y'all keep the kids warm?

We also had another Halloween party with our neighbors, and then one at our house on Halloween - The 2nd Annual Dobson/Williams Halloween bash. We had fun! At least I got to drink (well, just 1 glass of sangria) this year.

These past couple weeks also included 2 baptisms (Sam's and Joshua's), our 4 month appointment (doing well, Nate just needs to put on some more weight) and a couple lactation consultant visits. We have found out that I need to make more milk, and I'm taking some herbs to help. They are not doing the kick, so we are now supplementing a bit with formula. Hopefully in a few weeks Nate will be back on track and I'll be making more milk.

Nate also ROLLED OVER!! Yea! He didn't like tummy time on Saturday, November 8th, so he just kept rolling on his back. He also is serenading us in the car (with or without the radio) and has found his tongue this week. What a fun time!!

Here are pics from week 17 and 18:
Sucking on mom's fingers

Captain Adorable (first costume)

My pumpkin (2nd costume)

pumpkin shots

Our family costume (Indiana Jones, Marion and the monkey - Nate's 3rd costume)

Nate and the gorilla (Uncle Justin)

Danielle, Ry, me and Justin

Sam's baptism

Sliding down the slide


Kathryn said...

Alexis - my guess is he's waking up because he's learned a new trick - rolling. Anytime babies hit a new developmental milestone, they sometimes wake up to try it out. Just give him a bit and he'll head back to slumberland on his own. As for the milk production, squeeze in an extra pumping and see if that doesn't boost your supply. Plus, drink water by the bucketfuls. You're doing great!

FloridaWife said...

Raffaele was a pumpkin too!