Monday, September 08, 2008

9 weeks...

Well, this was the week. The week we begin comparing our son to everyone else. Yes, we had our 2 month appointment on Tuesday. Nate is now 23 inches (in the 50th percentile), has a 50th percentile head circumference, and now weighs 10 lbs 9 oz (30th percentile). The doc says he looks great, and gave him his first vaccinations. We are splitting them up, so we go back in a couple weeks for the 2nd set.

Nate also had his first road trip this week. We went up to Ft. Worth to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! We also flew in my brother Ted from New Mexico, and had a fun weekend. Tessa joined us too, although she was sick (and we later found out that she had pneumonia). We also visited Nana and Papa in Waco. Nate was a good traveller - especially having my brother and sister to entertain him in the back seat.

We also got to spend lots of time with friends this week - our first trip to the park, the airport, and met lots of Mama and Grandpa's friends! Nate is also getting more chatty, if we only knew what he was saying!

This week's events:
Day 56 - Nate focused on faces when I showed him photographs from his baptism.
Day 57 - Went on our first walk in the park, with the Nicholson's, Gretencord's and Higgins'. Talked to Nana on the phone today.
Day 58 - Went to the Austin airport to pick up Ted bacsi. We then drove up to Waco, visited Nana and Papa, and picked up Tessa neni. Finally made it up to Ft. Worth, met some of Mama and Grandpa's friends, and Ted bacsi totally surprised them on his visit! Mama fell over and hit her head on the couch!!
Day 59 - met my "2nd mom", Donna (Christina's mom) up in Ft. Worth. Slept 7 hours through the night.
Day 60 - Noticed the drool start to happen today. Met our family friends, the McCraw's, and slept again for another 7 hours tonight!
Day 61 - Happy Labor Day! Spent the day at Nana and Papa's and Nate mastered the art of sticking out his tongue at Daddy.
Day 62 - Happy 2 month birthday Nate!

This week's photo's
Nate at the park

Feeding the ducks

Nate's friend Gianna

Nate's friend Thomas

Mama and Nate

Ted bacsi and Grandpa grilling

Nate, me and Donna

Nate and Ted bacsi

Another Nate and Ted bacsi

Nate and Mommy


Christina said...

I love Nate's smile as Lexy gives him a kiss! I'm jealous my mum got to meet and hold him first!

Roxanna said...

SO cute! I love the last picture of you with him~

Thanks for posting the birth story. I am 33 weeks and trying to leave everything up to God. Every birth story is different, I just need to let it go and do what I can to prepare for whatever will come. I'm still working on that... :P

Continue having fun with little Nate! I hope I can meet him soon. =)