Friday, September 12, 2008

10 weeks!

We have moved to double digits!! Yea! Nate is doing great - growing and changing every day!! He's having much more fun with his hands - is surprised when they make it into his mouth. He's moving them around alot - not boxing anymore - now it's karate chopping!!

We've had lots of fun this week - Mommy's prayer group, Nate's 1st Steelers and Cowboys games, attending Gianna's birthday party and up to Ft. Worth to see Mama and Grandpa.

This week's events:
Day 63 - I finally cook my first multi-course meal since Nate has been born! Ry is quite surprised!! Had to open a bottle of wine to celebrate. Have to thank my meal prep place, the Studio Kitchen. I love that place!! I still have some frozen meals in the freezer!
Day 64 - We went to our first Mommy's prayer group today. Nate was excited to see Thomas - I think he is finally recognizing him!
Day 65 - Went and heard live music at Uncle Justin's church. Nate loved it!! And he slept through the night!
Day 66 - Caught Nate trying to put his entire fist in his mouth. I think he is surprised that it got there!
Day 67 - If one thumb is good, 2 must be better, right? Nate had both thumbs in his mouth when we went to brunch with our friends Alisa and Kevin. Nate also watched is first Steeler and Cowboys games today - and both won! yea!
Day 68 - We went to Gianna's 1st Birthday party today. Since today is also Mary, the Mother of God's birthday, Mrs. Gretencord had lots of fun, Marian activities. Can't wait for Nate to participate in them.
Day 69 - We drove up to Ft. Worth today to spend the week with my parents. Ry is leaving tomorrow for his first business trip. He'll be back on Friday.

Since I'm in Ft. Worth now, I will post the photos from the week on Sunday.

Check out what Ry has found for the blog - you can see on the "Recent Readers Map" where my readers are coming from. At least now I know where you blog stalkers are from :-)

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