Tuesday, September 23, 2008

11 weeks...

This week was our first time away from Ryan. He had his first business trip up to Wichita, so we decided to go up to Ft. Worth and stay with my parents. I don't know how single parents do this!! It was great having their support. We got to visit with Aunt Amy and Michelle, my friend from high school Michael, and just hang around. And made a leisurely trip back by spending the night at Nana's on the way back.

We were at Nana's when Hurricane Ike hit Texas. We didn't get any rain here or in Waco. We did, though, get some evacuees and had a good visit with the Orantes family! It was nice to have some time to catch up. Luckily their house faired well, and they should have their power on soon.

If you read my birth story, you know we were wanting to use the Bradley Method of childbirth. I guess we did use some aspects of it, although I did have a c-section. This Sunday we were able to meet 4 of the other babies from the class. It was fun to see everyone now as parents - we are all first-timers!

Nate is also looking a little different now. He's not looking so "infant-like", and Ry noticed that he had eyebrows when he returned from his trip.

Nate has a new favorite game this week - flying! This is giving both Ry and me good exercise! He's also having fun with his arms - like banging them on his chest doing the "Tarzan".

This week's events:
Day 70 - Daddy leaves! We take Mama to work, Daddy to the airport, and then to Dallas to see Aunt Amy and Michelle. Had a nice visit. On our way back to Ft. Worth we pick up Mama and meet her co-workers. Nate is a hit!
Day 71 - Today we had brunch at my favorite high school hangout, the Ol' South Pancake House. Had brunch with my high school friend Michael. Grandpa had fun sticking his tongue out at Nate, and vice versa. We also called Dedimama and Nate chatted with her on the phone. He's also started to do the "Tarzan" - banging his arms on his chest!
Day 72 - Daddy returns! We pick him up from the airport and head down to Waco. Nate spends his first night at Nana's. Daddy also notices that Nate has eyebrows.
Day 73 - Hurricane Ike hits! No rain in Waco or Austin. We spend the day in Waco, and head back home that night. Nate has lots of fun with Nana.
Day 74 - Nate has found a new game to play with Daddy, flying! We just don't play just after feeding... We also house tia Lorena, tio Humberto and Sebastian. They evacuated from Houston and stay with us. We also went to the reunion of our Bradley class. It was fun seeing all the babies!!
Day 75 - Shopping day! We head out to the outlet mall in Round Rock. Have fun exploring and nurse Nate for the first time outside. Our friend and Ry's former roommate Chris comes to dinner and we have a great time remembering old times in college
Day 76 - Nate has the 2nd half of his shots. He did well, although just wanted to cuddle with Mommy the rest of the day. Our evacuees decide to travel back home. Daddy also has a night out with Uncle Justin.

Photos from the week:
My cutie

Nate and my good friend from high school, Mr. Brown (so, I think Nate may have more hair than him...)

Nate and tia Lorena

so who was born in 2008?

the Bradley babies from our class - Ira, Jonas, Zooey, Henry and Nate

blowing bubbles

Flying high with Daddy

Michelle and Nate

Photos from our recent photo shoot:

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