Thursday, August 28, 2008

8 weeks...

Another week, another post! Well, this has been an interesting week for us. Nate is beginning to assert his independence - fighting sleep! I have, though, finally figured out his schedule, so that makes life easier. Basically it is eat, play, and exactly 1 1/2 hours after he started eating he wants to go to sleep. Unfortunately, he often wants to fight it!

We've done lots this week - went and saw Baby Drew, my friend Robin's son. He was just 10 days old and we had a great visit. We were actually due 10 weeks apart, but Nate was 2 weeks late and Drew 3 weeks early, so they are now only 5 weeks apart. Nana and Papa came this weekend too! We visited the Lange's and the Nicholsons as well!

But the most amazing thing is that Nate slept through the night!! yea! The bad thing is that I think it was a fluke, because it only happened two nights - last Wednesday and Thursday. I've tried to figure out how those days are different - how my son could sleep from 11 - 6!! We're working on that...maybe some of Nate's friends told him he shouldn't be doing that yet...

Our photo lesson this week was on quantity. The book says to take lots of pics to get the right one. It was written before the rise of digital cameras, but I think the message is still the same. Ry did ask me how I could take 70 pictures in one day. Here are a few of our favorites.

this week's events:
Day 49 - Slept through the night! Yea! And the Whitaker's brought us dinner - yummy! Have to get that recipe Kathryn! Mommy and Nate went to the Mom's Night Out with our church to the Cheesecake Factory - Nate was a hit. Also, ran lots of errands today, and had a couple hungry cries in the car when we couldn't get home fast enough.
Day 50 - Went to visit Mommy's old work, Texas Alliance for Life. We also went to visit the K's and Nate began to rub his eyes and is starting to fight going to sleep.
Day 51 - Went on a walk with Christopher and Mrs. Lange. Also Nate is exploring much more with his hands.
Day 52 - Nana and Papa come for a visit. Nana and Dad give Nate a bath!
Day 53 - Have fun today "boxing" with Dad. Also, we are all sad to see the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. 18 months until the next Olympics - in Canada!
Day 54 - Went to visit Mrs. Nicholson and Thomas today and brought them Greek food for lunch. Today Nate also pushed his pacifier back into his mouth by himself...probably by accident.
Day 55 - We finished our first long book in storytime - a favorite of mine growing up - Go Dog Go.

This week's photos:
7 week photo

Nate and Drew (amazing how different they look, and only 5 weeks apart in age)

Close up with Nate and Drew

With Nana and Papa

Bathtime with Nana and Daddy

Nate and Thomas

Charlie and Nate


Kimberly said...

Hang in there Alexis, sleep will come eventually. It's actually not ideal for nursing babies to sleep through the night at this age... you can get plugged ducts and/or mastitis (which I did when Gabriel was 7 weeks old, and he was starting to sleep for long stretches at night). So offer up the sleep you get and it'll get better, I promise.
I added your blog to my links, you're free to add my blog to your page if you'd like.

Rowena said...

Hi, Alexis! Henry started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks, which is great timing since the school year started up before then. (His dad and I have enjoyed all of the nights of sleep for about 3 weeks now!) Babies are all different, so I'm sure Nate will sleep through the night when he's ready. I know it's hard to wait, but it'll take time. As Kimberly said, hang in there! It will be a difficult transition for your body, but your body will adjust when Nate starts sleeping through the night. I've gone through instances of plugged ducts too, but I think it helps to drink a lot of water. (I got the same tips from Jasmine.) We hope your family is doing well!