Thursday, August 07, 2008

5 weeks...

Well, this past week we have been having lots of visitors, me and Nate - Mrs. Nicholson and Thomas, my uncle Tom, cousin Kelly, Mama and Grandpa (my parents), Gretchen (who brought us dinner) and the Pojman family (who brought us dinner and gifts!)! Lots of people to hold Nate, and help change some diapers too! Special thanks to my mom who stayed until Wednesday - it was sure great to have the extra hands to hold Nate, change Nate, let me catch up on emails and correspondence, etc. It's been kinda hard since you've been gone!

This week has been lots of celebrations and firsts too - lost the umbilical cord, 1st bath, photo shoot, 1 month birthday, Mommy's birthday, and 1st grocery trip. In regards to his photo shoot, we are meeting with a photographer who will take professional photos over the course of his first year (every 3 months). You can check out the photos at then go to sessions proofing and then client portraits. The password is Dobson.

Haven't had any food allergies yet, but this week I have found out that I can't have caffeine (especially those yummy Java Chip Frappuccinos) after lunch...Nate doesn't sleep well that night. And a glass of wine every now and then is a good way for me (and Nate) to relax.

He's been doing such a good job eating now, and going up to 6 hours between feedings! Yea! We just tell him that's what all the other kids are doing... Now I just need to find the camera charger to get the rest of my pics off!

Week 5 update:

Day 28 - Mrs. Nicholson and Thomas visit. Thomas (age 8 months) is totally mesmerized by Nate. Can't wait for them to be playing soon. Thanks Shana for bringing me lunch! Nate also kisses Daddy for the first time tonight.
Day 29 - This day started off with lots of laundry - by 9 am Nate was on his 4th outfit! Glad the washing machine is upstairs! No wonder they tell you to have lots of outfits. We also found out that not all diapers fit Nate the same... My cousin Kelly and uncle Tom visit (Kelly is moving here from Anchorage). Nate loves to flirt with Kelly - maybe it is her long black hair. Nate also takes his 2nd bottle tonight.
Day 30 - Nate finally loses his umbilical cord today! Yea! In celebration we have Nate's first bath - and he gave us a little sprinkle too! Mama and Grandpa (my parents) come and visit for the weekend.
Day 31 - Nate is 1 month old today! Amazing! He has also started to grab at clothes now - a little more hand coordination! Also, with the help of my parents, we successfully venture out for our first dinner out - a great local Greek restaurant. Nate does great! Nate also has his first "photo shoot" today.
Day 32 - Happy Birthday Mommy!! I would never have thought this time last year that I would be holding my son a year later! What an amazing year it has been! We went out to eat again today - Saltgrass - and Nate did good. We've noticed that Nate's eyelashes are growing. I think his are longer than mine. Nana and Papa also gave him a kiddie gym, and we set that up for him today.
Day 33 - My mom is staying until Wednesday, so we decided to venture to the grocery store. I'm finally getting out of the house. Kinda boring for Nate, just slept in his carseat. Nate also grabbed Mama's glasses off her face today.
Day 34 - Today I had my longest time away from Nate - almost 4 hours. Mom, me and Danielle went to see Mamma Mia (very cute). Really missed Nate, though...

And some photos from this week:

Hi Daddy

Going in the tub

Wash me

Robe time

His tiny toes

with Tom bacsi and Kelly neni

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