Thursday, August 21, 2008

7 weeks...

A friend of mine told me this week that the days are long but the years are short. How true she is! Some days seem like they will never end - the diapers, changing clothes, nursing, chores, etc. But then I think of how old Nate is now, and time seems to fly by.

We've been having lots of fun watching the Olympics. Having Tivo seems to be the only way - pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding! And what else can I watch at 3 am?

This week Nate has begun shadow-boxing. I am thinking only in a matter of days will he find his hands! It's been fun to watch him do this, until he smacks himself in the head! I've also been worried this week that I haven't been taking enough photos...I think I'm doing okay. Ry also updated our website with more pics too!

Our week's events:
Day 42 - Nate goes out for girls night! We went to a great neighborhood place, It's Italian, and Nate was the hit of the restaurant - cooing and all with everyone there. I'm also proud to say that I took Nate out by myself to run some errands today. He did a good job, and I think 3 stores are our limit! Had to treat myself to Starbucks!
Day 43 - Had another great meal tonight! Thanks Paula for the great ham and potatoes! I need to get that recipe from you!! Everyone has brought us such yummy food!
Day 44 - Nate's godmother, my sister Tessa, came to visit for the weekend! Had her even changing diapers! Nate and I also went to the grocery store for the first time on our own, before she came. He did great - all I need now is help bringing in the groceries! We did take Nate to Kohl's for some clothes shopping and Tessa had him in the Baby Bjorn. Everyone thought he was hers!!
Day 45 -Party day!! We celebrated Andrew Morgan's baptism this morning (he was due the same week as Nate and is a few weeks older) and then went to an engagement party for my former boss Laurie and her fiancee Eric.
Day 46 - Nate has begun blowing bubbles. How cute!
Day 47 - Much more shadow boxing today! Yea!
Day 48 - Went to his first luncheon today and he did a great job. Was the hit at the event (the last time most of the people had seen me was when I was pregnant). Took dinner to the Gretencord's and had a nice visit with them.

My friend Amy let me borrow a great book, How to Photograph Your Baby. We've decided to try a lesson a week, so here is what we learned this week - getting up close, natural light and shadows!

Photos from this week
okay, this was from last week...but too cute not to post! Nate and his friend Thomas

Nate vs. Tivo

Our happy family

Ry, Nate, Mr. Parks and Henry

cute pic of our pup Charlie

Me, Nate, Lisa and Andrew (he was born 3 weeks before Nate, but we were due just days apart)

Nate resting with Tessa neni

Nate, me, Tessa neni and Kelly neni


Roxanna said...

Nate is SO cute!! I loved the picture where he's smiling!

elena said...

Sebastian LOVES Nate! Whenver I show him his picture, he starts cooing and saying: awwwww.... Baby Nate Baby Nate!!!! :-) The pic where he's smiling is my favorite.

Amber said...

I love the one with the 2 babies in the carseats. How perfect.

Kristy said...

Precious! I love those first smiles - and they just get cuter :)

Kimberly said...

Oh Alexis, Nate is precious! May I add your blog to my page? I have a blog too, you are more than welcome to add the link to your page.

Kimberly Reisinger

Rich said...

Cutie pie.