Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pumpkin's Austin Baby Shower...

Yesterday we celebrated Pumpkin with a baby shower here in Austin. I am blessed to have 6 wonderful friends who offered to put it on. The funny thing was that most of them met for the first time at the shower!

Here they are from left to right:
Sharon - my Catholic compass and wonderful prayer partner
- my former roommate in college, bridesmaid, etc.
- a friend who has mirrored my life - moved to Austin at the same time, got married a week apart, pregnant together, etc.

- my wonderful NFP teacher and support with our infertility
- my former co-worker and wonderful cheerleader
- my husband's best friend's wife who has become one of my closest friends

My mom, sister and me

Me and my sister Tessa, and the cute rocker she painted and was given to Pumpkin by her and my mom

And I was very fortunate to have several other pregnant mommas at the shower. We may have to all get together in November for an updated photo... From right to left they are:
Rowena, due end of May
Lisa, due mid June
me, due June 19
Robin (due end of August)
Paula (due beginning of October)
Kristy (due middle of October)

Thanks again for everyone who helped prepare this special day, and helped us in all the things we need for our little one. Just a few more weeks...

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Charlie and Andrea said...

Alexis you are looking just so radiant and beautiful! I wish I looked that good while pregnant!
Prayers for you as the end of your pregnancy approaches!