Friday, May 30, 2008

4 week update...

Well, I have been officially out of work for 4 weeks now. This week I've been a bit discouraged on my progress in getting everything ready, so I decided to write down what I've done since my last day at TAL on May 1. Made me feel a bit better...

Infant/Child/Adult CPR and First Aid class
Breast-feeding class (at hospital)
Infant Care class (at hospital)
Almost done with our Bradley Birth classes

Doctor appointments:
Weekly with ob/gyn
dental appointment (not very comfortable at this stage...)
almost weekly diabetic appointments (and got GD under control - without medication!) - and I have to include lots more exercise to keep this under control!
interviewed and chose pediatrician (thanks for the great recommendation Shana and Sharon)

NFP/FC stuff:
wrote letter to Dr. Hilgers for a client
5 appointments

Social engagements:
our 6th wedding anniversary!
several lunches with friends
wonderful baby shower
my parents visited for 2 weekends
Aggie Girls Night
joined and attended Moms' group at our parish
walking dates with friends (thanks Sara and Shana)
set up meal website for a friend who is due this week (I just love it this great website Care Calendar)
Pumpkin has raised over $500 for the Texas Alliance for Life Walk 2008

Baby Prep:
decided on a photographer for Pumpkin's first year (and won a $200 gift certificate)
set-up nursery - designed room set-up, washed newborn clothes, purchased some items we had yet to receive, etc.
finished baby shower thank-you notes
began updating our will
found gifts from pumpkin for his/her godparents
created birthplan
finished Secrets of the Baby Whisperer
almost done with Happiest Baby on the Block

Prep for house:
tried to complete weekly blessing hour (if you haven't heard of Flylady, check out the link!)
deep cleaned kitchen, guest bedroom, baths, laundry room, office, nursery, our bedroom, my closet, and our master bath
prepped 14 frozen meals for when bambino arrives
2 huge loads of stuff to Goodwill (including 6 bags of my clothes!)
4 boxes of books donated to our local library
began weekly menus (and tried to stick with them)
tried to go to the grocery store weekly (a big feat for me)

Okay, well that looks impressive. Guess my type A personality was getting the better of me...Sometimes you just need to write it down, and sit back, and reflect. Yesterday was 37 weeks, and it seems like things this week have slowed for me - taking more time to get out of bed, do simple errands, etc. As a friend of mine reminded me recently, I will never have this time again. This time just to relax and prepare. And my house is ready, maybe not perfect in my eyes, but I think it would be perfect in a baby's. It is our home!


Ryan Dobson said...

I think you're busier now than when you were at TAL! Maybe I should work on getting you a raise...

Lael said...

This is a very impressive list!! Wow. Brad read some of it over my shoulder, and I felt like hiding it so he wouldn't know it is possible for someone to achieve that much in 1 month...sheesh!!

We can't wait to hear about Pumpkin's arrival!

Alexis D. said...

thanks y'all! i didn't great this to brag or anything...just had a few questions from people asking "so, what are you doing now that you aren't working?" and at times i was getting discouraged thinking i was wasting my time, especially this week.

Alexis D. said...

I mean "create this" not "great this". Guess I should be is 7 am on a Saturday!!