Thursday, May 08, 2008

Majella Society dinner

Last month, Ry and I attended the Majella Society 4th Annual Benefit Dinner. We had a great time at the table of our good friends, the Gretencords. I think we had the most pro-baby table at the dinner!

Sharon and Adam (parents to 4, most recently Gianna, born September 07)

Mike and Mary (parents of 2, grandparents to 5)

Shana and James (parents of Thomas, born December 07)

Rowena and Dustin (baby due end of May)

And us (due mid June)

And a few pregnant momma photos!

Me and Nicole (who had her daughter Caroline on Monday! Yea!)

And lastly a cute momma photo of Rowena and me! What a great event! Thanks Sharon and Adam for inviting us!

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FloridaWife said...

You look great!!