Monday, April 14, 2008


Looks like my glucose levels are high, so I probably have gestational diabetes. I am meeting with a counselor this week for management.

If you could say a little prayer for us, it would really mean a lot. I'm a little worried about it all...

Any advice, prayers, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated!


Emily said...

Prayers for you, Alexis!
My only advice is to get the book "Obstetric Myths vs. Research Realities" by Henci Goer. It is a guide to the research that has been done on pregnancy/birth related subjects. She has a huge section on gestational diabetes, as well as on scheduled cesareans for babies deemed "too large" for vaginal birth based on ultrasound. I could not more highly recommend it. I think the book will calm you down a bit, for sure.
We will definitely keep you in our prayers and your little pumpkin, too! But I think you are probably fine;)

FloridaWife said...

I'll pray for you!!! (And I just did.)

I hope you don't have it, and if you do, I hope it's light enough that you could manage it with diet.

Amber said...

They test every woman for it because it's so common... and your doctor will know how to proceed. Read up on it and be good to yourself; take long relaxing walks, eat well, stay calm, and know that you and pumpkin will be fine.

Of course, we're all thinking about you and hoping for the very best!

Kathryn said...

I had high(er) levels with #2 and #3. My OB was fantabulous. Trust your doctor and listen to his advice. I'll offer up a prayer to St. Gerard :-)

Alexis D. said...

thanks ladies! in reviewing the levels on-line, mine look high. just looking forward to speaking with the counselor on Wednesday.

The good thing is that this can be managed, and will force me to eat healthier. No more late-night oreo binges or 3 scoops of ice cream (probably not the best for me and pumpkin).

Jen I said...

Alexis, prayers are with you and Ryan and pumpkin. I'm truly sorry for this turn; of course I hoped the pregnancy would be trouble-free. Keep in mind this is not a judgment on your health or wellness, its just a thing that happens. Diet can do alot, for all of us, to manage blood sugar. I have a nutritionist that I have loved working with, let me know if you need her info.
Best wishes

Lauren said...

I will pray for you Alexis!!

Hey, I LOVED your card you sent -- how super cute!! Please pray for us!!

I'm excited to meet Pumpkin this summer -- I'll be in Dallas, so I won't be far away!!

Much love!!
p.s. -- I finally posted an update!