Thursday, February 21, 2008

Babymoon - NYC

Well, we had a wonderful time in NYC! Whoop!

We flew into DC, and then took the train to Penn Station in NYC. From there we hiked up about 20 blocks to the convent where we were staying, Centro Maria.

Friday, 2/1 was our first full day. We went to the Met and that night I had dinner with 2 of my cousins, Tristan and Chris. I hadn't seen them in awhile and we had a nice, 3 hour dinner!

Saturday was our day full of the Sisters for Life. Our friend, Sr. Mary Clare, decided to postpone her vows, but a few us of Aggie Catholics decided to go up anyways. There was a beautiful Mass for the 2 other sisters who took their vows, and then a special family dinner that evening.

We finished that evening going to the Catholic Underground, hosted by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. What an amazing time and great music. On our way back we came with some girls from Centro Maria, and here is Times Square in the background.

Sunday we headed to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Thanks Laurie for recommending the audio tour! It was great and we had fun exploring. It was probably the best day weather wise, and we had a great time!!

Monday we were able to catch up with a friend of ours Jeff who was also visiting NYC. We did the NBC Studios tour, and checked out Rockafeller Center.

We were also able to be a part of the David Letterman show audience. The funny thing was that they were shooting the Tuesday episode, so we had to pretend we had voted in super Tuesday, went to the parade, etc.

Tuesday we participated in the Giants ticker tape parade. The last one was prior to 9/11, It was fun participating, and to see what they think is ticker tape - shredded paper, shredded newspaper, whole sheets of paper, rolls of toilet paper, etc.

We also went to the UN, and saw a broadway show - Curtains with David Hyde Pierce.

Wednesday we went to the American Museum of Natural History. That night I hung out with my cousin Tristan again, since Ry wasn't feeling well. Since it was Ash Wednesday, I got my ashes at St. Patrick's Cathedral! Beautiful!!

Check back tomorrow for more on DC...

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