Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vacation part 2

For the 2nd part of our vacation, we drove to Florida!  What a great trip!  We made it to Pensacola in one day, and then to Disney the next!  Here are a few of our favorite photos of Disney!!  By the end of the trip Nate knew who Mickey was, and how to quickly pose for a picture!  We were also blessed to spend time with my cousin Monica who is working there this fall, and the newlyweds Darrell and Gwenn, who finished their honeymoon with a couple days in Disney!  We did tons of rides, and Nate's favorite was the Buzz Lightyear spin.  Can't wait to go back!!








Geri said...

Very cute pictures Lexy! And Monica's uniform is even worse than she described--I am so glad you got a photo.

Jenn K said...

What great memories!