Wednesday, November 24, 2010

24 years ago...

my life changed.  I had 2 brothers, who were kinda annoying.  And then, I heard my grandmother say "kishline" (sorry, don't know how to spell in Hungarian) over the phone.  And then I knew, I had a sister!

I was soo excited!!  We were instantly close.  I took her to the park, took her babysitting with me, listened to music and played with my bows and make-up.

And then, when she was 7, I moved away.  I think being apart from her was one of the hardest parts.

But, we have stayed close, despite the 10 year age difference.  When I got engaged, I just had to call her and she knew she was the maid of honor (at 15).  And when Nate was born, there was no question that she would be his godmother.

I am lucky to have you live with us for a year, and get to spend our sister nights and dinners with you now!

Tessa, I love you!  You are the best sister and friend!!  Happy, Happy Birthday!!

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tthibodeau said...

Such a great picture!