Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nate's Dog Days of Summer Birthday Party!

A couple of weeks ago we had Nate's 2nd birthday party!  Tessa and I worked hard on the invite, so I wanted to share...
A dog party!
A big dog party!
Big dogs, little dogs,
red dogs, blue dogs,
yellow dogs, green dogs,
black dogs, and white dogs
are all at a dog party!
What a dog party!
                        - Go Dog.  Go!
Nate is turning 14 (in dog years, that is)!

So come join us for some puppy chow and a howlin' good time. We'll frolic in the sun, and it's sure to be a pawfect day and some doggone fun.  Bring those swimsuits for a dip in the puppy pool and a run through the sprinklers.

In lieu of gifts, you are welcome to bring a donation for the Blue Dog Rescue of Round Rock
. They need items like gift cards to Petco, Petsmart, and Tomlinson's, puppy food, collars, leashes, dog beds and the like.

We had a great time, from the dog prints in front of the door, puppy pools out back, and doggie bags to take home!  We also have a pile of goodies to take to the Blue Dog Rescue this week.

Here are some photos!  A special thanks to Tessa, Nana, Papa and Ryan for helping make this party a success!  We had a great time!!  and yes, Tessa, Nana and I made all the cupcakes!!

doggie bags - slim jim, scooby fruit snacks and puppy chow
blowing out the candles!!


Kimberly said...

That party looks like it went to the dogs Alexis!

And those cupcakes were seriously cute.

Sophia said...

What a fun party! Loved the theme and the cupcakes! Glad the shirt I sent fit him. Happy Birthday, Nate!