Thursday, February 11, 2010

Small Successes - February 11


It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph.  

1.  Finally put away last week's laundry and have this week's done and put away!  Seriously, this is quite a feat for me!!

2.  Was able to make some important phone calls regarding financial issues (homeowner stuff and life insurance) that has been on my list for weeks.

3.  Met with a friend this week who shared her struggle with infertility with me.  Figured out that I don't have to fight with the devil, just need to work at pushing him back.  And found a great article on one woman's fertility that truly gave me hope!  


Kimberly said...

I understand about the laundry Alexis...I've been know to have ours sitting out for a week...the kids are old enough to put away their own (Joshua does Gabriel's)...thank goodness.

Truth be told, I used to yearn for the days our kids would be old enough to help. They can now vacum, dust, clean bathrooms, empty trash cans, and load/unload the dishwasher. And I am SO grateful for the help. But then I get sad b/c it means our kids are growing fast I can't keep up.

Mary said...

awesome job are the laundry QUEEN!

#3 is the best one...taking time to listen and be the face of Christ to someone is the best success of all. And pushing back the devil is always a good thing...keep at it!

blessings and grace...

Kristy said...

Great job! I too look forward to the days when the boys will be able to help more, but am also resistant b/c my little boys won't be so little anymore...

Laundry is my constant challenge. Constant.