Thursday, March 13, 2008

98 days...

Well, today is the day! 98 days to my due date from Dr. Love which is June 19 (although the 20 week ultrasound pushed it to June 23). I can't believe it has gone soo fast!! Today I move into my 3rd trimester. So much to get done!

This week we've had a house full of college girls. 3 of my cousins (Monica, Allison and Corey) and my sister Tessa have been here. They painted the baby's room and it is beautiful! I will totally think of them every time I go in the room.

AND My parents come in this weekend, so we will have fuller house this weekend! But the house is filled with love and laughter - it has been wonderful!


Kristy said...

You're hilarious. It never once crossed my mind to figure out when I'd be either 103 or 03 days away from my due date. But 03 days would be much easier to keep track of ;) Gig'Em Ag.

Jenn Kulle said...

Alexis, it was great seeing you this weekend. I hope that the third trimester goes as smoothly as the first two.