Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my friend Dawn

I've been thinking lots about my friend Dawn. Yesterday was her funeral. It was beautiful - saw many friends from the Diocese and was able to catch up. Also, I was able to add some humor, asking them what do they think Dawn would have thought of her funeral. I bet she would have been suprised on a few of the faces.

I stared crying at the beginning and couldn't really stop. At one point, I almost forgot why I was there. It just doesn't seem real. I felt that Dawn was just hiding and was going to come through the door at any time. The Bishop made numerous references that they still do not know the cause of her death. That is hard - I feel many of us would have closure if we knew that.

These past few days have been very interesting. Dawn did not know that last Tuesday would be her last. Neither do we. I am trying to live as she did - in the moment. Provide love and encouragement to everyone I meet (and add a little cynicism here and there).

Dawn, I know you are heading up to see God now. We just miss you and the love and support you gave us! I know always wanted us to be pregnant together, so I ask that you intercede for us on this journey to parenthood.

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