Monday, June 04, 2007

4 New x 2 Meme

A friend from college ( did this meme on her blog. Looks interesting, so I thought I would try...

4 new things of the past 4 years

1 - 2 wonderful babies in heaven! We love you and we miss you Philip Gabriel and Mary Isabelle!!

2 - We have purchased our first home! yea! And put in lots of elbow grease in it these past few years!

3 -I've become a FertilityCare practioner. I love teaching, and working with couples to understand their fertility. Now just waiting for a baby to be named Alexis...

4 - Travelled to the southern hemisphere! Our great trip last year to Australia and New Zealand!! And a passport with my married name. Ry and I have also been able to travel to many other new places in the past 4 years!

4 desires for the next 4 years

1 - That we would be able to welcome our arms to our own baby (or babies). May God entrust us to a few little ones!!

2 - no more mortgage! We have been saving for awhile, and hopefully in the next 4 years we won't have to worry about that expense.

3 - for good health! that we can understand the cause for our fertility problems and be able to maintain a healthier weight!

4 - more travel! from going to visit our goddaughter (in New Zealand), maybe Europe, and hopefully more of the US.

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Kristy said...

God's will be done :)