Sunday, April 22, 2007

from death to new life...

Last night was a special night for Ryan and myself.

First, we went to the 100th Austin Area Aggie Muster. Aggie Muster is a wonderful Aggie tradition, to remember those Aggies who have passed away in the past year. It is recommended that if you lived within 100 miles of another Aggie, that you should get together and remember Texas A&M. I reminded them that Sean, my friend who was killed in Iraq in January, was from Pflugerville. When the read the list of those Aggies who have died, a friend or family member will say "here" for them. I was privileged to answer for him. He is gone but not forgotten.

While we were there, I got a call from my cousin Julie from New Zealand. She called again later that evening, and asked us if we could be her daughter's (who will be born in July) godparents. Of course!! yea! We were soo honored! It is also a Kiwi (probably by the Brits) tradition to have 2 sets of godparents. So, they have decided that 1 will be from the US, the other from New Zealand. How exciting!! The baptism will be in January, so we may heading down under again.

It was a great day! We also did lots of work in the kitchen - put in the countertops, doors, sink and dishwasher (or should I say the boys did). I did line all those cabinets... Check out the website for more info - Ry has updated the links so they should all work -

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Kristy said...

Sorry we missed Muster. Thanks for answering "Here".

The kitchen is looking great! Can't wait to see pics of it allllll! I admire your diligence. Job well done.