Thursday, April 06, 2006

The farm...

Julie and Matt took us to explore the farm today. In olden days, they used horses - now 4 wheelers!

We started by musetering a paddock. What this means is using Matt's very trained dogs and his calls to move the sheep from one field to another. It was a very interesting experience.

Had lunch with the Olds. That is how New Zealanders refer to their parents - Old Lady and Old Man. We stared with sauteed wild mushrooms that they had picked from the farm. And then had a yummy macaroni casserole.

Matt's parents Simon and Joanne took us on a tour of the farm. We saw the preserved rainforest (about 1000 of their 7500 acres). They also have a city farm of 500 acres (the nearest town is about 30 minutes away). We looked at their entire property from the highest point of their land. It was beautiful. We also heard lots of stories about my brother Steve throughout the day - Steve's pond, where Steve sheared the sheep, etc.

Julie then made us a traditional New Zealand dinner. A lamb roast (that Matt killed last week), potatoes, kumra (like sweet potato), carrots, brocoli, and wild mushrooms. Very good!

We brought Matt the game Clue, since we had fun playing it with him when he visited us. We taught it to his parents that night. I think they were a bit confused. Another great day!!

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