Monday, April 03, 2006

the beach!

So, for our last day in Australia, Christina took us to the beach! Here we come Sunshine Coast!!

We went to a cool aquarium called Underwater World. We learned about seals, otters, stingrays and all other kids of fish. They had a cool exhibit where you were on a moving walkway and the aquarium was on both sides and over you! so cool!

We then went to the beach and went in the water. It was great! Ry and I had so much fun, like we were little kids - jumping in the waves and trying not to get saltwater in our eyes.

John and Gill made us a traditional Australian dinner - lamb, pumpkin, potato, peas and carrots! It was yummy! We had pavlova for dessert (meringue with whipped cream and fruit). It was great! We sure are going to miss this beautiful place and wonderful hosts!! It has been so much fun!!

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