Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Year 2 in review...

Okay...a little overdue...


  • most changed - talking!  getting quite a vocabulary!!
  • travel - FL, DisneyWorld, MS, AL, LA, TN, OH and PA
  • loves - Lightening McQueen - especially his "chow", racing cars, Mom's tummy, Phineaus and Ferb, Toy Story, ipad, sunglasses, pants and tattoos, buzz lightyear pajamas
  • favorite foods - apple juice, mac and cheese, pepperoni, chips and goldfish
  • first movie - Cars 2
  • wants everyone to be included
  • has lived with us, Tessa neni, aunt Danielle and uncle Justin
  • can navigate the ipod/ipad
I think the most significant is his communication.  Nate can really tell us what he wants, although some "baby talk" sometimes gets mixed in.  He also sings songs, and loves to dance and music.  Fortunately, he likes the same music as mom, so I'm not getting tired of baby songs...

He's also become quite independent.  I can send him upstairs to get something, or he can find my matching shoes in the closet.  He also likes to help unload the dishwasher (I put him in charge of the silverware) and help set the table.  And he rarely forgets to serve Charlie his dinner.

Nate has gotten quite used to Dad being at home.  With the sabbatical in October and 2 months off in January and February, he has had lots of time with Dad.  He loves it, and loves helping his Dad with all the projects around the house (you should see him with his little mallet).

Well, my little toddler is growing up into a little man...sometimes I just can't believe he is the same one!  But then, when he rubs my tummy...I know!  And here are some of my favorite pics...one from each month!





Kristy B said...

What a fun year-in-review! I swear, year 2 brings on the most changes it seems. They go from babies to little kids in such a short span what with walking and talking and just learning all sorts of new things! It's an amazing time, and one of my favorites (even with it's many frustrations). Looks like y'all had a fun year, especially all your traveling! We miss you (and I miss our girls nights!)

tthibodeau said...

I love that picture of Nate and Dad. That outfit was the best!

Mrs. G said...

We love Nate!!!