Tuesday, December 22, 2009

17 months...

Seriously, I wrote this on Dec. 3rd...time to post!

What fun we have had this month! 3 of his 4 molars have come in, as well as another tooth on the bottom. How fun to be able to really chew!

We've had lots of playdates, fun times at the park, visiting aunt Christina and uncle Damien, meeting baby animals, and playing the bowl drums!

Nate is a super dancer now, spinning around and even putting his arms over his head. Just give him some music, any music, and he's a happy boy. I wonder where he gets that...

He's still my super helper around the house - swiffering, taking out the laundry, bringing in the groceries. Let's hope he likes doing chores when he gets older.

He loves wearing shoes too! He's up to a size 6, and has a few pairs now. And, unlike his momma, he will wear them around the house all day long!

Here are a few pics...so hard to choose!

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