Monday, January 28, 2008

a great weekend!!

What a great weekend we had! Got to go to a private reception with Dr. Alveda King, niece of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. We had a good time meeting her. She also did a a great job at the Texas Rally for Life. All went well, and God sure provided on the beautiful weather. I was even listening to the radio this morning and the were talking about it!

And I think the oreos and ice cream is working - putting on a few more pounds. This has been one of my worries through this pregnancy. I'm almost halfway there (19 1/2 weeks) and have only put on a few. We'll see Wednesday how well I've done - we have the big ultrasound and prenatal appt. Watch for pics!!

Last night it happened. Everyone told me it would. I just hadn't felt it. The butterflies came!! Yes, that is what it feel like to have your baby kick! Little pumpkin was all moving around when I was trying to go to sleep. I woke up Ry to tell him and he tried to see if he could feel it too. That may take a few weeks until he can feel it. I'm very excited - not sure how I slept last night!

Lastly, we are off to our babymoon to NYC and DC this week. Post or email me any suggestions you have up there - this is our first real visit!

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Kristy said...

So cool that you felt the baby! It's such a weird feeling and so hard to explain, but it's cool when you figure out what everyone is talking about. Waiting with great anticipation for this little miracle's arrival!