Friday, March 30, 2007

a friend...

It has been brought up to me that we do not update our blog enough. Funny, I write lots in my head, just don't get around to typing them out. Just need to get around to that.

This week I had an interesting discussion with a friend. Being the good friend that she is, she pointed out some problems our friendship was having. For me, it was just easier to be mad at her, and at God. But, it has been eating me up, and probably not making me the easiet person to live with and be around. So I thank her for pointing those things out, and helping me become a better woman of God.

Isn't it great how God puts people in your life? Friends to support you, to help you on your walk, to assist you in carrying your cross. Friends also to challenge you, to point out weaknesses, and treasure your friendship enough to do that.

We are soo blessed! May we be given the grace to always realize that!!

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